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Hi, I’m Jeané Elliott Bennett, the travel designer extraordinaire behind Elliott Exquisite Vacations. My clients turn to me when they’re ready to break away from the ordinary. Why? Because I don’t plan “ordinary” vacations. And I don’t work with “ordinary” vacationers, either. I design custom luxury vacations built around my clients’ personal passions, so that they don’t just learn about a new destination - they learn more about themselves, too. Off the beaten path. My emphasis and specialties are on destinations East of the North Atlantic Ocean, i.e. Europe, Africa, India, Asia, Australia, and South America. I listen to my clients’ needs and dreams, intuit their deepest travel desires, and turn their desires into escapes full of luxury, discovery, delight, and those “little” details that transforms good vacations into extraordinary ones. I take my clients from start to finish and all points in between. Stress-free. Hassle-free. Worry-free. I’m so glad you found me, because I would love to help you dream up your own life-changing luxury escape.   

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